Liberty Meter Reading to Determine Consumption and Billing

Your water meter is read by our meter reading team once per month.  This reading shows the number gallons a customer has used which is reported as “usage” on your monthly bill.  Some Liberty water meters are equipped with radio frequency Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology whereby a meter reader can obtain an accurate reading without entering your property and manually looking at the meter.  Due to this technology, meter reading can be done from the street unless there is an issue with the device.  Therefore, it is common for meter covers and the meter face itself to be covered in some dirt or mud.


Meter Reading and Leak Detection

Meter reading is helpful when trying to determine if you have a leak that is wasting water. Check out our leak detection page at the button below to learn more about common leaks and how you can address them.

If you suspect you have a leak, please call our office at 844-367-2032 to make an appointment to have an operator check your meter.

New Meter Requests

If you need a new meter please contact our team at: